Ich bin auf der wunderschoenen Insel von Sizilien!
Und natuerlich werde ich davon berichten und euch verschiedene feine Spezialitaeten von dort mitbringen!


I am on the beautiful island of Sicily!
And of course I will report and bring some fine delicacies with me!  
Der Fruehling kommt angefahren!!!


Spring is coming!!!!
Wishing you all a happy Chinese New Year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Trotz des verhaeltnismaessig kalten Winters bei uns, bluehen meine Rosen im Garten.

Even though the winter here this year is long and cold, my roses are blooming wonderfully. 




Ich wuensche allen meinen Besuchern eine schoene Adventszeit!

I am wishing all my visitors a wonderful Christmastime!
All over the world people are shocked!

Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, a Category 5 mega-storm, has left the Philippines devastated
Nearly 10'000 people in the Philippines are already confirmed dead, with many more thousands of survivors left grieving and homeless. Millions will need basic aid during the still-unfolding rescue and recovery process, to say nothing of the billions of dollars in damage to homes and infrastructure. 
Authorities had evacuated hundreds of thousands of people before the typhoon arrived, but many evacuation centers - schools, churches and government buildings - proved unable to withstand the winds and storm surges.

Yolanda/Haiyan brought sustained winds of 235 km/h, with gusts of 275 km/h and waves as high as 15 m. In some places, as much as 400 mm of rain fell.

Some towns have been flattened completely! 
I ask all of you, who were lucky to be far away, to help those unfortunate families with just a little (or more) to regain a life worth living!

Crossroads Hong Kong

The International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Doctors Without Borders

The International Committee of the Red Cross

These are just a few of the links, for a lot more information and for help to find a missing loved one go to Eduardo Joven's Webpage. There you can find all needed information and more links.  

(pictures from Hong Kong Observatory and from https://plus.google.com/photos/111816710017324180399/albums/5944932673218240337?banner=pwa)

Thank you!
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